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[ferret_users] ppl shakey and Pyferret - bug

Dear Ferret users

I have a problem with the customizing of shakey with Pyferret. If I change the lab size, the labelling is superimposed over the key.
Please see figure attached for example:
- one done with ferret (ferret_after_shakey.gif): no problem
- one done with pyferret (pyferret_after_shakey.gif): we cannot read the labels.

Code used for this figure:
yes? define viewport/axes/x=0.2:0.8/y=0.2:0.8 box
yes? set viewport box
yes? shade/i=1:10/j=1:30 i*j*1000
yes? ppl shakey 1,,0.2
yes? ppl shade

(The use of a viewport does not affect the bug, I just used it for readability)

Any suggestion? I need to generate figures for an article, and I really would prefer to use Pyferret instead of Ferret.

FERRET v6.96
PyFERRET v7 (opt)

Thank you

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