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[ferret_users] using repeat with figure description longer than 2048 characters


I would like to create a set of figures where I track SST over a 120 month time period. I am using the repeat command and saving each file after each timestep using frame/save=*.gif . I am running into problems because each figure has multiple panels and several ppl commands such that the figure script is much longer than 2024 characters (seems to be the limit before I get an error). Is there a way to use repeat for length figure scripts?
The general script set up is:

REPEAT/l=1:120 (set view a1; shade sst; ...some ppl commands; set view b1; shade ....; frame/file = "path/filename-`l`.gif")

And the error comes from having more than 2048 characters within the parenthesis. Ive tried shortening the script the best I could, but I am still around 3500 characters.

Thanks in advance,


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