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Re: [ferret_users] problem in using $

Dear sarasari

Generally this dollar symbol following a number is used to avoid manual execution of commands.
For example you have a .nc file with different dates (i.e. varying l values), and your coomands in ferret are like this

yes? use example.nc
yes? fill prep[l=$1:$2@ave]

these commands fill your area with intended months average value.

for these commands to execute you have to type

yes? go dummy.jnl 10 20 ; this will average your prep values over 10th to 20th l values and plots.

But as I understood from your query you have given number 4 directly, you have follow a serial 1 2 3 .........

I think this will solve your problem.

Manche shiva shankar
Nrsc, Hyderabad.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 7:28 PM, 'sarasari206@xxxxxxxxx' via _OAR PMEL Ferret Users <ferret_users@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,
I try to write a script and in the first line i write:

let q1 = $4
But ferret shows an error of illigal character  $...
Do you have any idea?

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