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Re: [ferret_users] EOFSVD_STAT error


The problem is that you are requesting too much memory. The work array 5 looks to have 2.3 billion elements which comes to about 10GB if single precision or 20GB if double. The negative in the first error message indicates an integer overflow.

From the documentation


"The EOFSVD analysis solves a matrix problem where the matrix is dimensioned (NX*NY*NZ) by NT, which can quickly become quite large. The EOFSVD functions use other workspace as well which demands even more memory, and often memory must be increased with the SET MEMORY command. Regridding to a coarser grid or restricting the region may be necessary."

Could you show the size of your variable and the exact commands that you are using to do the eof computation? Somebody may be able to suggest a better way to do this.


On 06/10/16 13:02, Manche Shivashankar wrote:
Dear all,

I am trying to see each eigen mode variance by list/i=1:10/j=2 eofsvd_stat  command after eof decomposition of data. While trying it the error comes like this

**ERROR in efcn_compute() allocating -92862752 bytes of memory
    work array 5:  X=1:1604808814, Y=1:2, Z=1:1, T=1:1, E=1:1, F=1:1
 **ERROR: error in external function

what could be the reason.

Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Shiva shankar

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