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Re: [ferret_users] defining a new variable on the time axis

Hi Michael,

Using "tsequence" does what you want.

yes? let tseq=tsequence({1,2,5})
yes? show grid tseq
 name       axis              # pts   start                end                 subset
 normal    X
 normal    Y
 normal    Z
 ABSTRACT  T             99999999 r   1                    1.E+08              full
 normal    E
 normal    F
yes? list/l=2 tseq
             VARIABLE : TSEQUENCE({1,2,5})
             T        : 2

You can regrid to a proper time axis using @ASN

On 08/09/16 09:21, Michael Erb wrote:
Is it possible to define a new variable on the time axis instead of the X axis?  For example, a command like "let A = {1,2,5}" makes the variable A which can be referenced with A[x=2].  However, I'd like the variable to be on the time axis, so that I could use A[l=2].  This is important for doing calculations with other variables later on.

Are any of these options possible: (1) define the variable directly on the time axis, (2) define the variable on the X axis and then switch the axes within ferret, or (3) save the variable to a netCDF file and then switch the data to the desired axis with NCO?


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