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[ferret_users] Ferret with MMF/Superparameterized CAM output

I would like to use Ferret to plot up output from the Multiscale Modeling Framework (MMF)/Superparameterized version of the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM). This version of CAM uses embedded cloud resolving models (CRMs) in each global climate model (GCM) column to replace the traditional cloud and radiation parameterizations. The netCDF output uses extra dimensions to represent the CRM columns inside of each GCM column. In theory, Ferret should be able to read this number of dimensions, but in practice, it fails because of the assumptions that the "e" and "f" dimensions are related to ensembles and forecast times. I'm curious, does anybody know a way around this issue?

Here are the details if it helps... The dimensions (names changed for clarity) of  the CRM variables are defined as (time, crm_nz, crm_ny, crm_nx, gcm_ny, gcm_nx), where the gcm_XX dimensions are the (x,y) coordinates on the GCM grid and the crm_XX dimensions are the (x,y,z) coordinates of the CRM grid embedded in the given GCM (x,y) location. When I open a file with these types of variables, Ferret either gets confused or hangs (depending on the ordering of the variables in the file). The errors I get when issuing the "use" to open the file are:

 *** NOTE: Unspecified or unsupported ordering of axes in variable CRM_NC_LON_60e_to_140e_LAT_10s_to_40n
 *** NOTE: The default ordering will be used
No error (OPeNDAP/netCDF Error code 0)
 Calendar definitions on T and F axes must match
 *** NOTE: tm intern err: netCDF grid w/ static axis (this last line repeats lots of times before Ferret hangs)

Thanks for any suggestions. I might be stuck on this one and have to revert to a different plotting/analysis program.


William I. Gustafson Jr., Ph.D.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O. 999, MSIN K9-30
Richland, WA  99352
Tel: 509-372-6110

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