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[ferret_users] contour overlay

Dear ferret users,
I am trying to draw a fill plot with contour overlay. But I am not able to overlay contours on my fill plot. Below is the script I am using for plotting.

use obs.nc; use model.nc
fill/d=1/vlim=35:180:25/lev=(-inf)(-0.7,0.7,0.1)(inf)/nolab/nokey u
contour/ov/d=2/vlim=35:180:-25/lev=(-0.7,0.7,0.1)/nolab u
Ppl shakey 1,0,0.16,2,,,9,3,0.25,0.5
Ppl fill


But I am getting a plot with fill only, no contours. In that fill plot inf is not working. I would like to know why this kind of error is happening? Why it is not overlaying contours?
Thanks in advance.

Chinnu Sachidanandan

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