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Re: [ferret_users] temperature on bathymetry

Hi Sara,

It looks like you haven't loaded the data set. What does SHOW DATA return before and after the GO LAND command?

However, you aren't showing us the complete script so it's impossible to tell what is going on. As it stands there should be an error issued for trying to create a fill/shade plot with a 3 dimensional data set as "slanttemp" has been sampled along the line but also has depth and time axes.

The command should be something like

fill/l=1 slanttemp

unless you have set regions elsewhere.


On 16/08/16 11:31, 'Sara Sari' via _OAR PMEL Ferret Users wrote:
Hi ferret users,
I'm trying to plot temp on bathymetry on Lake Erie,
Here is my data:
 name     title                                          I         J         K             L         M         N
 XOUT     X-coordinate                     1:193     1:87      ...          ...       ...       ...
 YOUT     Y-coordinate                     1:193     1:87      ...          ...       ...       ...
 ZOUT     Z-coordinate                     1:193     1:87      1:25      ...       ...       ...
 TEMP     Temperature                     1:193     1:87      1:25      1:7       ...       ...

My area lies between -84:-78(long)    and 41:42 (lat)
I use samplexy script:

yes? let xlon = -80+(I[I=1:10]-1)
yes? LET slope=0.5
yes? LET ylat = 41 + slope*(i[i=1:10] -1)/2 
yes? PLOT/VS/LINE/SYM=27 xlon,ylat
yes? GO land
yes? LET slanttemp = samplexy(temp[x=1:193,y=1:87],xlon,ylat)
yes? fill/vlimits=1:25 slanttemp
 **ERROR: required program command has not been given: SET DATA_SET

I don't get this error. and one more thing: is my script ok? I mean in one part using x and y points and in the other using lat and long?
Thank you,


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