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[ferret_users] Question about projected vectors

Dear all,

I have this currents dataset from a model which is really curvilinear; in the region where I am working, the longitude axes is almost vertical while the latitude axes is close to vertical, but in the negative direction. 

When I use the original data and plot using either:
      vector ubar,vbar
      vector ubar,vbar,lon_rho,lat_rho

the results are plotted in the wrong direction. To solve that, I have a rotation matrix, which convert ubar and vbar to lat and lon. Plotting the rotated version using the vector command shows the vectors in the correct direction. 

However, if I plot using:
      go stick_vectors ubar,vbar 
in the rotated dataset, I get the wrong direction again. And later I realized that if I plot the original dataset using go stick_vectors I get the right direction. 

Any idea about what is going on here and how I can make sure that I am using the right direction? 

Andre Rodrigues

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