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When you write to the Ferret Users List, address the email to ferret_users@xxxxxxxx. Give your email a subject line which describes the topic of your question.

The answer that people will give there to a question such as this, is to please start by reading some documentation.  This is a fairly small group. They are very helpful but this is too general a question. 

In the documentation I referred you to before, here is a specific link:

The commands starting with LET are equations.

This section will be helpful, defining variables using mathematical expressions:

Another place you can start is the tutorial scripts.  From the Ferret command line, do this:
yes? go tutorial
It will run Ferret commands and draw plots.  This will give you an idea of how Ferret commands work.  Also try this one:
yes? go mathematics_demo
Next try this one, watching for the part that starts with these comments:
! The horizontal equations of motion on the rotating earth show that
! acceleration of a parcel of air is dependent on the pressure gradient,
! the coriolis force, and any friction retarding its motion.  Neglecting
! friction, a geostrophic wind may be defined, where the pressure gradient
! force is balanced by the coriolis force.  Let's define variables ug and vg
! to be that geostrophic wind, being careful to use common units of measure.
That starts a set of commands where some constants and some equations are defined.

Finally, if you have colleagues who use Ferret, they may be your best first source for scripts that do the kinds of calculations you wish to do.


On 4/25/2016 3:48 PM, afikode adeolu wrote:

i need examples of ferret script on how to write equations on ferret

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