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Re: [ferret_users] ghost title

Hi Ansley,

Either you misunderstand what happens or I misunderstand what you say.

> A /NOLABEL qualifier applies only to the individual plot command that it's
> on.  It does not persist to any commands done with /OVERLAY.  Overlays don't
> draw a lot of labels, but they do automatically add a label in the lower
> left.

But, why does the overlay draw a label that has nothing to do with itself?

In my example, a label that originates from the shade command is
printed by the polygon command.  I don't think labeling should work
that way.

   shade/nolabel/y=0 allmissing  ! (1) There is no label here.

   polygon/palette=gray/ov ! (2) label "ALLMISSING" shows up here.

First, notice that the label is "ALLMISSING", which undoubtedly comes
from (1), not from (2).

If you stop the plotting right after (1), there is no label.

Now, issue command (2) and you will get the label "ALLMISSING".  This
label, which the polygon command prints, has nothing to do with the
polygon command.  It's somehow inherited by the polygon command.



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