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Re: [ferret_users] ghost title

Hi Ryo,
A /NOLABEL qualifier applies only to the individual plot command that it's on. It does not persist to any commands done with /OVERLAY. Overlays don't draw a lot of labels, but they do automatically add a label in the lower left. You would need a /NOLAB on the POLYGON/OVER command as well, to remove that.


On 4/1/2016 1:48 AM, Ryo Furue wrote:
Hi Ferret users,

It seems that the NOLABEL qualifier sometimes "leaves" labels behind,
which shows up later:

   FERRET v6.94
   Darwin 14.1.0 - 02/26/15
   1-Apr-16 17:38

yes? set data levitus_climatology
yes? let allmissing = 0/0 + temp
yes? shade/nolabel/y=0 allmissing
yes? polygon/palette=gray/ov {50,180,180,50},{4000,4000,1000,1000}

See the label "ALLMISSING" near the lower-left corner?  It doesn't
show up when you add NOLABEL to the polygon command, but it's not



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