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[ferret_users] Percentile along time axis for gridded data

Found this message showing how to find percentiles for 2-dimensional gridded data:


However, I would like to compute quantiles/percentiles along my time axis at each grid cell of the 2-dimensional gridded data. I.e., for each x and y, the percentiles are done along the time axis with valid data points. (We can ignore the z dimension for now.)

I could take the time series at each grid cell using nested repeat loop in x and y dimensions, following the above example to sort the data and place the ordered data onto the tiled axis.

It does not sound very efficient to me. Has anyone done something similar in ferret? Is there a better way to do this, perhaps without nested repeat loops in both x and y directions?

Appreciate any help.

--- Peng

Ge Peng, Ph.D
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