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Re: [ferret_users] plot/overlay not working

Another thing to do is to compare the vertical scale of each variable when they are plotted separately. It sounds as if the variation of the averaged uo_m may be much smaller than that of u_m, and so its plot looks nearly flat when shown with u_m[z=0:400@ave] .

On 3/7/2016 9:31 PM, Arijeet Dutta wrote:
Hi all
I am trying to plot two time series plots in a single image. I have a
cdf file containing two variables(u_m and uo_m). When I am plotting
one as

plot u_m[z=0:400@ave]
plot uo_m[z=0:400@ave]

they are coming properly, but when I am using
plot/over uo_m[z=0:400@ave] after plotting the previous one

I am getting the latter as a line parallel to the x axis. Can you guys
help me on that?

PS I am sorry if I am missing any other info to write; I have just
started using ferret


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