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[ferret_users] Plot a Hovmoller over the end-of-year break?

I want to use the "fill" command to make a Hovmoller plot over the course of the year for a climatological variable.  By default, ferret doesn't interpolate over the end-of-year break, leaving white space for the first half of January and the last half of December when using monthly data.  This doesn't look great for a published figure.  Is there a good way to ensure that data is plotted there?

One thing that I tried was to define the timespan and the hlimit to get ferret to plot that time of the year as well (e.g. fill/lin/key/t=1-dec-1599:1-feb-1601/hl=1-jan-1600:1-jan-1601 t_ref[d=1,x=@ave]).  This fixes my first problem, but introduces a new one: all latitudes where the color of the plot doesn't change over the course of the year are plotted white.  I assume the problem is because the left and right "edges" of the data are outside of the plot, but I'm not sure how to fix it.  I've attached a figure to show what I mean.  The plot on the left is default ferret behavior.  The plot on the right is my attempt to fix it, but with the horizontal white bands.

Is there a better way to do what I'm trying to do?


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