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Re: [ferret_users] Compressed ferret output incompatibe with netcdf java apps

Hi Ansley,

I can confirm that turning on the shuffle option in ferret allows the variables to be read both in Panopoly and our in house software. Also passing unshuffled compressed files written by ferret through nccopy and explicity specifying the shuffle option works. However not specifying -s fails which is odd. Also taking an uncompressed file and passing it through nccopy works whether shuffling is specified or not. The command line version of nccopy definitely does not turn on shuffling by default. That just seems to be the case for the java version.



save/file=uncmp.nc/ncformat=netcdf4 var !works
save/file=cmp.nc/def/ncformat=netcdf4 var !fails  no shuffling
save/file=cmp_shuff.nc/def/ncformat=netcdf4/shuff var    !works

Passing though nccopy

nccopy -k4 -d1 cmp.nc cmp_nccopy_noshuff.nc ! still fails. No shuffling nccopy -k4 -d1 -s cmp.nc cmp_nccopy_shuff.nc ! Now works with shuffling nccopy -k4 -d1 uncmp.nc uncmp_nccopy_noshuff.nc ! Now compressed, works but there's no shuffling! nccopy -k4 -d1 -s uncmp.nc uncmp_nccopy_shuff.nc ! Now compressed, works and is shuffled

It definitely looks like something is being put in the file by Ferret that is causing grief. I looked at the Ferret source code and it all looks fine and mimicked the calls in a simple program which worked fine. My guess is that it may be something to do with the static compilation and other compilation options that may be causing the problem but I didn't get that far in my tests.

We'll turn on the shuffle option now.


On 03/02/16 10:32, Ansley C. Manke wrote:
I experimented and found that if the file is written in Ferret using the qualifier /SHUFFLE=1 and deflation, then it seems to work correctly, at least in Panoply.

In looking at some the netCDF documentation, I find this page that discusses the netcdf-java tools. http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/thredds/current/netcdf-java/reference/manPages.html

It says that shuffle=true is the default for nccopy. So that seems to be why running the file through nccopy causes it to work in the java-netCDF apps, and this may be what's meant by the "filter type =0" setting in the error message. Does this seem like a good solution to you Russ?


On 1/28/2016 10:52 PM, Russ Fiedler wrote:


This is possibly a problem with netcdf java rather than ferret but anyway...

If we make a variable and save it in compressed netcdf4 format it appears that java based netcdf software han't handle it.


yes? let v=i[i=1:20]+j[j=1:20]
yes? save/file=cmp.nc/ncformat=netcdf4/def v ! compressed (actually it's larger but just an example)
yes? save/file=uncmp.nc/ncformat=netcdf4 v      ! uncompressed

Now loading up in Panopoly (and another of our in house apps which is where we spotted the problem).When we try to operate on v we get a message about an an unknown filter type being zero for the compressed version

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown filter type=0
at ucar.nc2.iosp.hdf5.H5tiledLayoutBB$DataChunk.getByteBuffer(H5tiledLayoutBB.java:198)

The uncompressed version is fine since there are no filters being applied.

Now, here's where it gets weird. If nccopy is used to convert the two files to compressed netcdf4 style the originally compressed file is still giving Panopoly grief but the newly compress file is handled just fine!

xwing-hf% nccopy -k 3 -d 1 cmp.nc cmp_ncopy.nc          ! Still no good
xwing-hf% nccopy -k 3 -d 1 uncmp.nc uncmp_ncopy.nc ! compressed file is fine!!!

Any clues? A known issue?

Occurs for V6.95, V6.96 and earlier by the looks.


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