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Re: [ExternalEmail] RE: [ferret_users] Compressed ferret output incompatibe with netcdf java apps


Further to this, I found that it also fails with versions (RH6) and V6.82 Mac

[raf599@vdi-n2 ~]$ ferret -nojnl
     FERRET v6.842
     Linux 2.6.32-279.19.1.el6.x86_64 64-bit - 02/01/13

yes? sho sym netcdf_version
NETCDF_VERSION = " of Jan 31 2013 16:14:40 $"

So it looks like it's unrelated to the netcdf library version.


On 31/01/16 15:26, Russell.Fiedler@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Ansley,

I mention that it's V6.95 and V6.96 down at the bottom of the post.  I think it might be a problem for at least one earlier version. That will have to wait till I get back to work...


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Subject: Re: [ferret_users] Compressed ferret output incompatibe with netcdf java apps

Hi Russ,
No, this is not a known issue.  What version of Ferret are you running?
If it's an older one, it might be worth updating. Ferret currently links
with netCDF  (Upon starting Ferret, SHOW SYMBOL netcdf_version
lists the version number).


On 1/28/2016 10:52 PM, Russ Fiedler wrote:


This is possibly a problem with netcdf java rather than ferret but

If we make a variable and save it in compressed netcdf4 format it
appears that java based netcdf software han't handle it.


yes? let v=i[i=1:20]+j[j=1:20]
yes? save/file=cmp.nc/ncformat=netcdf4/def v    ! compressed (actually
it's larger but just an example)
yes? save/file=uncmp.nc/ncformat=netcdf4 v      ! uncompressed

Now loading up in Panopoly (and another of our in house apps which is
where we spotted the problem).When we try to operate on v
we get a message about an an unknown filter type being zero for the
compressed version

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown filter type=0

The uncompressed version is fine since there are no filters being

Now, here's where it gets weird. If nccopy is used to convert the two
files to compressed netcdf4 style the originally compressed file is
still giving Panopoly grief but the newly compress file is handled
just fine!

xwing-hf% nccopy -k 3 -d 1 cmp.nc cmp_ncopy.nc          ! Still no good
xwing-hf% nccopy -k 3 -d 1 uncmp.nc uncmp_ncopy.nc  ! compressed file
is fine!!!

Any clues? A known issue?

Occurs for V6.95, V6.96 and earlier by the looks.


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