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Re: [ferret_users] ferret_users: eps-figures produced with pyferret become rotated

Hi Martin,

The PostScript specification requires that the saved image width always be less than the image height. For landscape images (where the width is larger than the height), the image is suppose to be rotated to meet this requirement but include the comment "%PageOrientation: Landscape" to indicate the plot needs to be rotated back when shown.  See a third of the way down the page at:

I do see that Encapsulated PostScript can have the width larger than the height.  At this time, however, PyFerret only produces PostScript and not Encapsulated PostScript.  I could add EPS as another format option, solving this problem by actually creating EPS instead of trying to use PS as EPS.  
(This issue has been mentioned to me before.)

I do notice that evince now does respect this %PageOrientation and shows the plot correctly.  I remember older versions did not.  Are you seeing the rotated image when importing the plot into a document?


On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 4:03 PM, Martin Schmidt <martin.schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am using the latest pyferret build from source for opensuse 13.2. I want to produce figures for inclusion in latex documents. I find that figures with aspect ratio < 1 become rotated when saved with the frame-command. Here is an example:

use coads_climatology

!This works as expected
set win/asp=1.4/size=1/quality=high 1
shade/l=1 sst

!This plot becomes rotated when saved to file
set win/asp=0.4/size=1/quality=high 1
shade/l=1 sst

With other formats like png or svg everything is fine.

Is there some trick to avoid the rotation of eps-figures?


Karl M. Smith, Ph.D.
JISAO Univ. Wash. and PMEL NOAA
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