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Re: [ferret_users] LIST/format=stream/single -- precision?

Hi Russ,

> The SINGLE  qualifier in the LIST command documentation is a typo.

Ah!  Thanks!

But, then, what determines that the variable SST should be written in
double precision?  In the example I gave, the variable SST in the
original data (coads_climatology) is in single precision.  I haven't
found a description of this point.

I've just recalled the OUTTYPE qualifier for LIST but the
documentation says it applies only to netCDF.  I wish it applied to
"stream" and "unformatted" outputs, too.

> One (not very good) solution would be to write the file to netcdf in single
> precision and use "ncks -b binary.dat -C -v SST tmp.nc -o dummy.nc"
> but that creates 2 temporary files with the variable.



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