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[ferret_users] LIST/format=stream/single -- precision?

Hi Ferret users,

I was wondering how to get a stream binary in single-precision (r4)
floating-point numbers from LIST/format=stream.  The "single"
qualifier doesn't work:

  spawn rm tmp.bin
  set data coads_climatology
  list SST[i=1:4,j=15,l=1]
  list/clobber/single/file=tmp.bin/format=stream SST[j=15,l=1]
  spawn ls -l tmp.bin

Although only 180 values are saved, the binary file has 1440 bytes =
180 * 8 .  I've verified that the file is indeed written correctly in
double precision(*).

I'm using

  FERRET v6.94
  Darwin 14.1.0 - 02/26/15

on Mac 10.11.2 (El Capitan).


(*) The output from list SST[i=1:4, j=15,l=1] agreed with the first 4
numbers from "od -t f8 tmp.bin | head -2" on the bash command line.

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