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Re: [ferret_users] Extracting wrf variables for specifc times

> For example out of the 38variables, I only need rainfall, Temp,
> winds etc
> How Do I handle memory issue; Even when I set  Mwords>256
> save/APPEND/file=outputfile.nc  t2, rainc, v10, hgt
>  **ERROR: request exceeds memory setting: 18 Mwords were requested.

Typically you circumvent this problem by iterating over the "last"
dimension.  For example, if your variables have the time dimension,
you would typically do this:

   spawn rm outputfile.nc  !<- delete the output file
   repeat/l=1:`v10,return=lend` ( save/append/flie=outputfile.nc  v10, . . . . )

saving one timestep at each iteration.

Use the "show grid" or "show data" command to see the dimensionalities
of your variables.


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