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[ferret_users] Announcing the official release of PyFerret v1.2 and Ferret version 6.95

    * * * Announcing the official release of PyFerret v1.2, and Ferret version 6.96 for linux platforms  * * *

  • This is a major update to PyFerret, including native fonts for text in plots; choosing the graphics file format at the time of saving the image file; new options for specifying the plot size.  Please see the Release notes for PyFerret for a full description.

  • The commands and command options that are specific to PyFerret are now included in the main Ferret documentation.  They are also summarized together in a PyFerret command syntax document for convenience.

  • Ferret has a few updates since its recent release. See the v6.96 release notes for a summary.

Happy Ferreting!

Ansley Manke, Karl Smith, Steve Hankin

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