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[ferret_users] regridding 3D data

Hi ferreters,


I’m in the process of building some new routines within a global biogeochemical model. This means adding a climatology of Nitrate into the model’s restart file.


But I’m having some issues. Essentially,

·         I want to take the World Ocean Atlas global annual mean of Nitrate, which has the following lat,lon,depth coordinates: [180,360,102]

·         And I want to regrid the data into the model’s coordinate system: [112,128,21]


I have looked everywhere online for some information on 3D regridding!!!!!!!! I’ve tried downloading the Earth System Modelling Framework toolbox for regridding, but to no avail.


So, I turn to this amazing ferret community for help. Does anyone have any experience doing 3-dimensional regridding!? How can I do this seemingly simple thing?


Thank you,


Pearse J. Buchanan

PhD Candidate / CSIRO-UTAS Quantitative Marine Science

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), University of Tasmania




~~~ “Ocean deoxygenation: A Palaeo-Modelling Perspective” ~~~

Parts of the Ocean are predicted to lose oxygen in the coming century. But why?

Looking into the past, how does oxygen in the ocean change across climate transitions?


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