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Re: [ferret_users] Getting the index (i,j) of a particular value.


Look at @loc transform and findhi function


On Wed, 2015-11-18 at 20:04 +0530, Sangeeth M wrote:
Hi, Ferret users,

How can I get the index value(i,j) or instead latitude and longitude (lat, lon) information of the maximum value of a particular variable. My model blows up due to unexpected values of currents at a particular location in the model domain, I can find that maximum value as follows.

yes? list Uvel[x=@max,y=@max]
             VARIABLE : u-momentum component (meter second-1)
             DATA SET : Test case
             FILENAME : test_st.nc
             X        : 0.5 to 324.5 (maximum)
             Y        : 0.5 to 262.5 (maximum)
             Z        : -0.9875
             TIME     : 23-DEC-0020 00:00 JULIAN

But how can I locate that location where this maximum value occurs?

Any suggestions will be helpful.

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