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[ferret_users] bug with student_t_cutoff external function on a mac

Dear Ferreters,

Using ferret v6.81 on a mac (one year old macbook pro, OS X 10.10.3), there is a bug when using the external function student_t_cutoff (which is working well when I use ferret on a linux). When using it, there are no error message but the function actually only returns the « n » argument. For instance, on the terminal it shows this:

$ ferret
 	FERRET v6.81
 	Darwin 9.8.0 - 07/24/12
 	17-Nov-15 07:06

yes? list student_t_cutoff(90,35)
             VARIABLE : STUDENT_T_CUTOFF(90,35)

I tried to re-install ferret, but it does not remove the bug. And as the ferret v6.94 latest version for Mac does not yet have external functions included, I can not use it. 

Did anyone face this issue, and do you have any idea how to solve this problem?


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