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[ferret_users] regriddidng

Dear ferreters,
I need your help in interpolating and drawing two datasets. The first data set is on coarse grid x=1:1280:1/y=1:720:1 and the second on fine one x=1:5120:1/y=1:2880:1. Each 4th grid point in the fine grid is the same as in coarse resolution grid in space so
coarse res. grid point    fine res. grid point 
(1,1)                            (4,4)
(1,2)                            (4,8)
(2,2)                            (8,8)
I need to draw variable which is defined on coarse grid, on fine grid. Obviously there will be "empty" grid points on fine grid so it should be interpolate,
Thanks in advance,
Robert Osinski
Monterey, CA

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