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Re: [ferret_users] spawn stops working


> So one possibility: If you have something in your shell initialization files
> (such as $HOME/.bashrc, $HOME/.cshrc, $HOME/.login) that needs some
> interaction (or sometimes even just prints something), this can cause an
> error or cause it to hang.

That's indeed a possibility! and I guess you can focus on .bashrc .

Fortran's SYSTEM subroutine just calls the C standard library function
system(3); at least gfortran's does so.  On Linux, system(3) in turn
calls "/bin/sh -c" .  On the other hand, /bin/sh is a symbolic link to
bash on most Linux distributions (including CentOS).  Since the call
"/bin/sh -c" means that it's not a login shell, .bash_profile isn't
sourced, which leaves .bashrc .


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