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Re: [ferret_users] script not saving output but making plots

Hi Afwande,
It's hard to say why this is happening.  When you run Ferret and make an image in an x-window, the FRAME command gets the image from the screen.  That seems to imply there's some issue with the x-windows settings.  We have not really had other reports of this happening.  What version of Ferret are you running?  And what is the x-windows software?  The Ferret installation guide has some discussion about x-windows setup, along with links to FAQ's on the topic, which may give you some ideas.

Meanwhile there is another option. When you run Ferret using the -script option,
$ ferret -script test.jnl
then you could add  the -gif option as well:
$ferret -gif -script test.jnl
This will run Ferret without an x-window, and the graphics will be directly written to your gif file.


On 10/30/2015 11:06 AM, afwande juliet wrote:
Hi ferreters

my script don't save the output even when I type command line by line. The output are made, the window size is open with plots but can save as .gif. It hangs forever even when I restart the computer. What could be wrong

I use

yes? frame/file =Wrf.gif in the script

anyuola@login01 validation]$ ferret -script test.jnl
 *** NOTE: Units on axis "time" are not recognized: day as %Y%m%d.%f
 *** NOTE: They will not be convertible:

thanks Afwande

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