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[ferret_users] Ferret upcoming release - and a bug report

Hello everyone,
We're getting ready to make a Ferret release, and wanted to let you know about a bug that's been reported in the @STD transformation. @STD was introduced in Ferret v6.9, and this bug is in all versions of Ferret since then.

In the documentation, we say that when @STD is applied simultaneously to multiple axes the calculation is performed on the a block of data rather than as nested 1-dimensional Standard deviations. In fact the computation is currently being done on one axis at a time.

If you use this transformation in your scripts, you will want to get this update, and in the meantime, replace any multi-dimensional computation of @STD, with the appropriate expression using @VAR instead. Please watch for a notice of the upcoming Ferret release at the start of next week. It fixes this bug, introduces new capabilities, and makes a few other more minor bug fixes.

Feel free to write me with any questions.


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