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[ferret_users] Ferret plot legend + line control

Dear ferreters,
                      I am in a situation similar to the example below where I need to add legends of my choice to my line graphs. If I run below code I will get legend with default colours of lines chosen by ferret ie sst60 with black line airt60 with red and sst65 with green color etc etc.
and legends will be created accordingly.

However I need to fix black color for sst and red color for Airt and then have different symbols for distinguishing between different longitudes and legends should appear accordingly.
Please share if any one know how to achieve this.

use "http://apdrc.soest.hawaii.edu:80/dods/public_data/satellite_product/Ifremer/daily_flux"
plot/set/lin sst[x=60,y=-30,l=3600:3670],airt[x=60,y=-30,l=3600:3670],sst[x=65,y=-30,l=3600:3670],airt[x=65,y=-30,l=3600:3670],sst[x=70,y=-30,l=3600:3670],airt[x=70,y=-30,l=3600:3670]
go legend 1 sst60
go legend 2 airt60
go legend 3 sst65
go legend 4 airt65
go legend 5 sst70
go legend 6 airt70
ppl plot

with best regards


Dr. Sudheer Joseph                                                                
INCOIS, MoES, Govt. of India.
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E-mail: sjo.India@xxxxxxxxxsjo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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