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Re: [ferret_users] Read Value from ascii file

> I need to generate 3d plots of zonal currents for different timesteps and
> also different depths. So instead of giving L=.. and k=.. n number of times
> ( for this particular data set L=1:48,K=1:36), i want to make it user
> friendly, where in I mention the value of k and L in a ascii file so that
> the main .jnl file doesnt get disturbed and u just need to modify the ascii
> file giving the time step and depth at which u require the variable and the
> script reads the value of K and L from the file and plots thereafter.

I think the most straightforward way is to give the values of K and L
to the main jnl script as arguments:

   -- The "controlling" script might look like this ---
   go mainscript.jnl  3  29 !<-- Change these values.

   -- mainscript.jnl might look like this  ---
   fill/K=($1)/L=($2)/ . . .

In the main script, "($1)" and "($2)" represent the arguments given by
the GO command in the controlling script.

In this way, you modify only the controlling script to change the
values of K and L.



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