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[ferret_users] assign value to array element [was: concatenating strings with integers]

Hi Ferret users,

I wanted to apply Paulo's xsequence/repeat solution on string-integer
concatenation (to another problem that I will report on in a different
post), but I found a problem.

Le 2015-09-18 Paulo a écrit:
> let First = xsequence({ "one", "two", "three" })
> let Second= xsequence({ 1, 2, 3 })
> repeat/i=1:`First,ret=iend` ( let Third = "`First`_`Second,zf=2`" )

We want Third to be an array, but it will be a scalar here, having the
value of the last iteration.  How can one force Third to be an array,
and the assignment to be one to the i'th array element?


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