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[ferret_users] Re: BOUNCE ferret_users@xxxxxxxx: Non-member submission from [afwande juliet <afwandej965@xxxxxxxxx>]

Hi Afwande,
You were not yet completely subscribed to the Ferret list when you wrote your question. The next time you write to ferret_users@xxxxxxxx, your message will go to the list, so please don't hesitate to write there next time you have a question.

I wonder if your Ferret scripts may not have the right formatting. Perhaps this is something like the linefeed characters not being of Unix type. Try

   > dos2unix my_script.jnl

If you still see errors, please write to the Ferret list, and include what error messages you are seeing.

Welcome to Ferret!


On 9/21/2015 2:36 AM, owner-ferret_users@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Dear All Ferret users.
I just began uisng ferret. When I went though documentation and examples. I
try to write ferret scripts to run. I get error yet the same commands works
when you type line by line but when I put same comandands in ferret .jnl
script using vi editor all of them complains of error.
how does someone begin to make  a journal ferret script

kindly help

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