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[ferret_users] Calculating weights value in bandpass filtering using LANCZOS function in ferret

Dear ferret users,

I am new in ferret. I am using ferret function LANCZOS (filter), band-pass filter for analyzing a time series data for identifying more than 30 days and less than 150 days meso-scales variability. The data is weekly and I have 1045 values in the time axis.My study area is 80E:95E and 18N:23N in the northern Bay of Bengal.

I am not able to understand how ferret is selecting the weights. May I request for some needy help!!!
How to select correct weights in using the filter. Is my program OK? I would like to appreciate in advanced for helping me.

Ex :!for 30-150 days
USE weekly_ssh _data
plot ssh
let new_ssh = ssh[y=18N:23N@ave, x=80E:95E@ave]
plot/over lanczos(new_ssh,0.05,0.25,91)
I have some confusion  in understanding the function application.

Best regards,

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