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[ferret_users] calculating and plotting seasonal anomalies when data is 3D

Hi all I got some support in my data on timeseiers but still have request.I want to do 2 things with my data.
  1. Make seasonal timeseries anomalies
  2. plot the 4 datasets in one viewport over specific locations and time 
My data is 3D(time,lat,lon) , I am trying to follow example in this page uisng climatological axes but still get empty plots
What I have plotted are seasonal in dfferent viewports but I want as explained above 
see the plots
Best Regards
George Otieno

Intergrated Climate System Modelling Lab.
Department of Environmental Atmospheric Sciences
608-737, Room 4302, Chungmu-Building
Pukyong National University,
45,Yongso-ro,Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea
Tel. +82-51-629-6643

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