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[ferret_users] FFT.

Hi Ansley,

I am trying to calculate the FFT for a data set which has irregular axis and i am getting the following Errors.

yes? use outputp_pottmp.nc
yes? LET fft_td20_full = FFTA(pottmp[z=@loc:20,t=1-jan-2011:31-dec-2011@FLN:1])yes? LET FFT_nf_full = `fft_td20_full,return=lend`

Bailing out of external function "ffta":
     Time axis must be a regular axis
 **ERROR: error in external function

please help me with this...


Satyam Srivastava,
Kedareshwar Banerjee Centre of Atmospheric and Ocean Studies (KBCAOS),
Nehru Science Centre (NSC),
University of Allahabad,

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