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[ferret_users] Re: [ferret_users] 5th dimension

Le Mercredi 20 Mai 2015 14.26 CEST, Didier Swingedouw <didier.swingedouw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit: 
> Dear ferreters,
> I have heard a few time ago that netcdf would allow additionnal 
> dimensions, which could be very useful to store different simulation 
> members with 4-dimension variables into one unique file.
> I have searched within ferret documentation, but I cannot find any hints 
> on how to save different members into one file.
> Any ideas would be very welcome? (even if by using cdo or nco...)
> Best wishes,

Hi Didier,

There is a nice entry in the documentation on this topic
that makes ferret so smart and nice to use.


No need to physically merged the ensemble members with cdo or nco, you can stay with
separated files. Note that by experience, they must be homogeneous on
attributs and variables.

Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
ICMC - IPSL Climate Modelling Centre

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