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RE: [ferret_users] a friendly suggestion

Dear All,

I couldn't agree more. This list is great. People on this list have always helped me when I was stuck.

Also, as somebody else said before, Ansley is exceedingly generous with her time responding even to very simple issues, although this is not really her job.

Now, ferret developed fantastically over the last years - I have now been using it for 15 years or so. And I can't describe how much more powerful and useful ferret has become over that time.
Imagine what ferret can be if we let Ansley spent that hour or so a day on developing ferret (her real job) that she now spends on posts.
I suspect she likes the interactions with the user community so she will certainly continue to help with the really tricky stuff, as Steven used to do.

But, let us take care of the basic stuff. It is pay back - no - pay forward time!

Also, use the archives and read the manual!

I must admit that posts that show that the posting person has not even bothered to read the manual, put me off and I don't engage. But, then I find Ansley is dealing with it. That's no good. 

Let us all chip in a bit more - there must be enough of us with enough experience so that we can easily respond to all the posts with very little effort for each of us - and even if it is only to point to the page in the manual ;-)


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Hi all,
The Ferret Users List includes experienced Ferret users all over the world.  I'd like to encourage more of us to participate in the Ferret list by answering questions.  When a question comes along and right away you know the answer or have an idea about it, please consider posting a short reply.  There's no need to write a long post (I should take this advice myself!)  Just a sentence or two is fine - maybe pointing the person to a function they might not know about, or correcting some syntax to get them started again.

This List is a wonderful resource and it works best when many people contribute.  If our new users don't have to wait while the Earth turns another 8 or 10 or 14 hours before they see a reply, they'll have an easier time, and we'll all benefit from each other's knowledge.

Thank you and Happy Ferreting,

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