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[ferret_users] sum in ferret

Dear ferret users,

I am doing the following to get the annual total value of emission which is kg/m2/sec in d=1:
use accmip_emissions_aerocom_1960.0.5x0.5.nc
use india_0.5deg_amip.nc ! mask file
let data=""  ! to add all 12 months
let india=data[d=1,g=mask[d=2]]*mask[d=2] ! to get only over India masking
list/append/nohead/file=BC-awb.txt india[x=65:95@sum,y=5:40@sum] ! This is to total value over India.

My query is whether I am using @sum for totallling is correct or any other transformation i have to use.

Kindly let me know. 

Nitin Patil

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