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[ferret_users] Plot Overlay.

Hi Folks,

I have been trying to calculate the RMSD, Bias and R.M.S.D which i calculated but now when i am trying to get the plot for the difference and the for the overlay i am not getting the satisfactory result as i have been tried the vertical limit as well the also i am not getting the result.
script is as follows.::

yes? set mode metafile
yes? use pottm2008.nc
yes? use pottmp.2008.nc
yes? set memory/size=1000
 Cached data cleared from memory
yes? set reg/t=08-may-2008:08-jun-2008/z=10/x=0.5E/y=35S
yes? let mtemp=temperature[d=1,l=@ave]
yes? let mpot=pottmp[d=2,l=@ave]
yes? let sdtemp=temperature[d=1,l=@var]^0.5
yes? let sdpot=pottmp[d=2,l=@var]^0.5
yes? let/units="Deg C" pottmp_c = pottmp - 272.15
yes? let dT=TEMPERATURE[d=1]-POTTMP_c[d=2,g=temperature[d=1]]
yes? let bias=dU[l=@ave]
yes? let bias=dT[l=@ave]
yes? let rmsd=dT[l=@var]^0.5
yes? list mtemp,mpot,sdtemp,sdpot,bias,rmsd
 Column  1: MTEMP[X=0.5E(0.5),Y=35S,Z=10,T=08-MAY-2008 00:00:08-JUN-2008 00:00] is TEMPERATURE[D=pottm2008,L=@AVE]
 Column  2: MPOT[X=0.5E,Y=34.8S,Z=5,T=08-MAY-2008 00:00:08-JUN-2008 00:00] is POTTMP[D=pottmp.2008,L=@AVE]
 Column  3: SDTEMP[X=0.5E(0.5),Y=35S,Z=10,T=08-MAY-2008 00:00:08-JUN-2008 00:00] is TEMPERATURE[D=pottm2008,L=@VAR]^0.5
 Column  4: SDPOT[X=0.5E,Y=34.8S,Z=5,T=08-MAY-2008 00:00:08-JUN-2008 00:00] is POTTMP[D=pottmp.2008,L=@VAR]^0.5
 Column  5: BIAS[X=0.5E(0.5),Y=35S,Z=10,T=08-MAY-2008 00:00:08-JUN-2008 00:00] is DT[L=@AVE]
 Column  6: RMSD[X=0.5E(0.5),Y=35S,Z=10,T=08-MAY-2008 00:00:08-JUN-2008 00:00] is DT[L=@VAR]^0.5
I / *:     17.93  290.9  1.036  0.7736 -0.6815  0.6053
yes? go multi_view 2, 1, .8, .1, 0, .2, .1, .1
yes? set view v11 ; ppl axlabp  1,-1
yes? plot temperature[d=1],pottmp_c[d=2]
yes? set view v21 ; ppl axlabp -1,-1 ; plot dT
yes? set view v21 ; ppl axlabp -1,-1 ;
yes? plot/vlim=19:26 dT
yes? plot/vlim=1:26 dT
yes? plot/vlim=16:20 dT

I have attached the plot which i got after this..
please help me with this so that i can get the difference on the plot as well as the overlay plot as well.


Satyam Srivastava,
K. Banerjee Centre of Ocean Sciences, 
University of Allahabad,

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