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[ferret_users] define axis / grid from variables

Hi Folks


I apologize for the easy question, but I can’t find the right syntax and I’m becoming crazy….


I have files with model outputs on a i/j/k grid (not geo-ref)

I=1:236 / j=1:150 / k=1:72

(example of the diatoms file “1997_4.3v4_DIAT_march.nc” on ftp://ftp.azti.es/resto/mchifflet/)

On other hand, I have the latitudes and longitudes in a separated file, with the same i/j grid: ll5km.nc (attached file)

LAT and LON are defined on the 2D grid i,j


How can I create axis/grid from the variables in ll5km.nc ?

To be able to save the output variables of the model on the right grid.


I tried a lot of syntaxes but can’t find the right one.


Because each of the variables LAT and LON are defined on a 2D i,j grid, I cannot use :

define axis/x/from_data/name=longulf lon[d=1]


Do you know the syntax to do this?

Thanks a lot.



Dr Marina Chifflet

AZTI - Tecnalia / Marine research Division
Herrera Kaia Portualde z/g
20110 Pasaia (Gipuzkoa) - Spain
Tel: (+34) 667 174 495


Attachment: ll5km.nc
Description: ll5km.nc

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