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[ferret_users] time axis in seconds

Dear ferret users
                    I had an ascii data file with time ranging from 01-july-2014 05:30:16 to 01-july-2014 06:29:16, with a 30seconds interval. I want to make this into nc file,for that i run the jnl file below.

define axis/x/units=degree_east xaxis={73.5}
define axis/y/units=degrees_north yaxis={15.5}
define axis/z=0.269813:24.9727:0.0299428934/units=km zaxis
set mode calendar:seconds
define axis/t="01-jul-2014:05:30:16":"01-jul-2014:06:29:16":30/np=120/units=sec taxis
!define axis/t=1:121:1 taxis
define grid/x=xaxis/y=yaxis/z=zaxis/t=taxis ab_grid
file/grid=ab_grid/var="cof" outputdata.txt
set variable/bad=-999 cof
save/file=ratio1.nc cof
cancel var/all;cancel data/all

When i executes the above program it runs perfectly and creates the nc file. But when I use the file to plot, the time axis is not coming properly,but the vertical axis is coming perfectly. I am attaching the figure also.
Thanks in advance

Chinnu Sachidanandan
National Institute of Oceanography

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