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[ferret_users] Problems with the contour plot range


I would like to create a two-dimensional contour plot (depending on time and height) for an ice crystal number concentration (icnc).
My commands are:

let icnc1 = if icnc gt 0 then icnc
let icnc2 = icnc1[i=@ave,j=@ave]
--> averaging over longitude and latitude

contour/fill/levels=(0)(1e-09),(1e-08),(1e-07),(1e-06),(1e-05),(0.0001),(0.001),(0.01),(0.1),(0.4),(0.8),(1.2),(1.6),(2.0),(2.4),(2.8)(inf) icnc2

Doing so, the plotted data range of the contours goes only from 2.8 till 1e-05 and not till 1e-09. If I decrease my maximum value to 0.1 instead of 2.8, my smallest contour value decreases to 1e-06 and so on. Consequently, it seems to be a precision problem. There is a possible adjustment for higher precision within the list command, e.g. list/p=8 icnc2. But this adjustment doesn't work for the plot or contour commands and I didn't really found another solution for this problem in the User's Guide. I hope you can help me.

Best regards,
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