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Re: [ferret_users] Changing SST regionally and combining the regions

Hi Pearse,

You need to do this in three steps

! first apply the southern change

let sst_sth = if y lt -40 then max(sst-2.0, -1.65) else sst

! then update this for the north

let sst_sth_nth = if y gt 40 then max(sst_sth-1.6, -1.65) else sst_sth

!finally modify the equatorial region

let sst_new = if abs(y) le 40 then max(sst_sth_nth-0.7, -1.65) else sst_sth_nth

! If you have a recent version of ferret try

show var/tree ! see the variable definition tree

save/file=sst_modified.nc sst_new

! check

shade/k=1 sst_new
shade/k=1  sst_new-sst ! look at the difference


Actually, it can be done in 2 steps but no point in trying to be too cute and this is clearer.



On 03/03/15 16:21, Pearse Buchanan wrote:

Hi all,


Very new to Ferret and I need some help.


Here is my data:

yes? show data sstaC.nc

     currently SET data sets:

    2> ./sstaC.nc  (default)

name     title                             I            J          K         L

SST                                       1:64      1:56      1:12      ...


I = Longitude

J = Latitude (~3.21° grids)

K = Time (months)


I have a sea surface temperature (SST) grid that I want to alter. I want to do three things:

1.       Reduce SST north of 40N by 1.6 °C

2.       Reduce SST between 40S-40N by 0.7 °C

3.       Reduce SST south of 40S by 2.0 °C


For each of these operations I don’t want my temperature to go below -1.65C, and so I have been using the MAX function…


let sstSOUTH=max(sst[J=1:15S]-2, -1.65)

let sstMID=max(sst[J=16:41]-0.7, -1.65)

let sstNORTH=max(sst[J=42:56]-1.6, -1.65) )


This works fine. I am able to produce three separate variables: sstSOUTH, sstMID, sstNORTH. Each are modified as I like.


However, I do not know how to combine these together into the one .nc file and therefore recreate the world grid of sea surface temperatures.


I have been using:

save/file=ZC_sstemp5d.nc sstSOUTH, sstMID, sstNORTH


And the datafile looks like this:
yes? show data

     currently SET data sets:

    1> ./ZC_sstemp5d.nc  (default)

name     title                                                     I            J          K         L

SSTS     MAX(SST[J=1:15]-2,-1.65)            1:64      1:15      1:12      ...

SSTM     MAX(SST[J=16:41]-0.7,-1.65)      1:64      1:26      1:12      ...

SSTN     MAX(SST[J=42:56]-1.6,-1.65)       1:64      1:15      1:12      ...



Any advice would really really be appreciated. I’m sure it’s only a simple few commands that I’m missing.


Thanks to all,

Pearse J. Buchanan

PhD Candidate / CSIRO-UTAS Quantitative Marine Science

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

University of Tasmania

M +61 458701672






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