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[ferret_users] External function

Dear all,

I was trying to write an external function that will compute sections perpendicular to the coast.
My function has one argument, let say a map of sea surface temperature along the coasts of Chili from 30°S to 20°S. My function estimates the coasts position using the masked points. It computes the angle of the coast compared to the North direction. Then it estimates the radial perpendicular to the coast in function of the distance to the coast and interpolate the temperature field on it.
It works, I am happy !

But it woks only when I plot a map of all radials from 30°S to 20°S :
> let radial = my_function(SST)
> shade radial

 When I want to plot only one radial, let say at j=100 (~25°S):
> let radial = my_function(SST)
> plot/j=100 radial
 ---> in the external function I am stuck with
arg_lo_ss(Y_AXIS,ARG1) = arg_hi_ss(Y_AXIS,ARG1)=100
I can not have access to the whole matrix of arg_1. I need to use SST values out of the latitude 25°S to compute the radial at 25°S.

If I force the calculous :
> let radial = my_function(SST[j=1:200])
> plot/j=100 radial
----> I works, but the external function does the calculous for all the latitudes.

Is there an easy way to solve this problem.



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