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Re: [ferret_users] how to change a time series steps to days and plotting for a specific depth

I guess I have a typo in the commands that I sent.  Your script defined this 365-day axis, "Days_axis", and I mistakenly put "day_axis" in the command. It should be

   Def axis/t=1:365/npoint=7969/units=days Days_axis
   let temp_on_time=temp[gt=day_axis@asn]

To specify the Z level the topic here is the "context" of the command. It's discussed in the documentation, see the index entry under "context":
You can use any of these. The variable context:
plot temp_on_time[z=20]
The command context:
plot/z=20 temp_on_time
or the program context:
set region/z=20
plot temp_on_time

On 12/17/2014 1:07 PM, 'Sara Sari' via _OAR PMEL Ferret Users wrote:
Dear Ansley,
I attached the graph. what you mentioned didn't work:( it says:

yes? define axis/t=32:365/npoints=7969/units=day day_axis
yes? let temp_on_time=temp[gt=days_axis@asn]
yes? plot temp_on_time
 **ERROR: unknown defining grid: GT=DAYS_AXIS@ASN

Also, I want to know how I can plot the same graph (after I could vary the time from 7969 steps to 365 days) for different layes of water. I mean where should I include z=20 ( can I write plot temp_on_time[z=20]? I think I can't)

So my questions are:
1) how to convert taxis from 7969 steps to 365 days?
2) how can I plotting a specific depth layer?

Could you please write the whole command.

yes? sh d
     currently SET data sets:
    1> ./erieA_1.tsout3N  (default)
 name     title                                                       I            J              K               L                 M               N
 XOUT     X-coordinate                                     1:1       1:1            ...              ...                 ...             ...
 YOUT     Y-coordinate                                     1:1       1:1            ...               ...                 ...             ...
 ZOUT     Z-coordinate                                      1:1       1:1       1:20               ...                 ...              ...
 DEPOUT   Mean_water_depth                      1:1       1:1            ...               ...                 ...              ...
 TIME     Time                                                       ...       ...                ...              1:7969         ...             ...

 TEMP     Temperature                                      1:1       1:1       1:20              1:7969            ...            ...

On Wednesday, December 17, 2014 1:25 PM, Ansley Manke <ansley.b.manke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Sara,
Instead of RESHAPE, use a regridding transformation. Regridding in T
will keep the grid of the variable the same in all the other dimensions.
RESHAPE is for changing from one entire grid to another. It will just
take the first 7969 points of temp and put them on the new grid.

Because you are going from one time axis to another with the same number
of points, but not from one calendar to another, you want to use the
@ASN regridding  transformation.

    Let temp_on_time=temp[gt=days_axis@ASN]

The axis you have defined will be labeled with just T=1:365.  If you are
asking how to get calendar time labels, then you need  a /T0 qualifier
on your DEFINE AXIS command.

If all of this doesn't answer the question then please write back with
more information.  I'm not sure which previous message you're talking
about. Instead of referring to your last email, please show the grid of
your variable.


On 12/16/2014 9:25 PM, 'Sara Sari' via _OAR PMEL Ferret Users wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I forgot to mention in my last email that I actually want to reset the time axis from 7969 steps to 365 days while plotting for a specific depth. I use this code but it ignores the depth specifications.
> Def axis/t=1:365/npoint=7969/units=days Days_axis
> Yes? Let temp_on_time=RESHAPE(temp,[gt=temp_on_time])
> Yes? Plot temp_on_time
> ...now i want to plot temp graph for water layer 20. (Z=20), but don't know how to include it! Normally if I write
> plot temp[z=20] it plots for this layer but taxis is in time step. I want to keep the same command but just on taxis in days unit.
> Could any one please help me.
> Thank you,
> Sara

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