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[ferret_users] Regrid a data on another variable and use an average opperation


I have 2 datasets: one with precipitation, one with topography (both are X/Y spatial). I would like to plot the Precipitation vs the Height.

I can do that with something like:
  repeat/range=imin:imax/name=it ( ;\
  repeat/range=jmin:jmax/name=jt ( ;\
  plot/vs precipitation[d=1,i=`it`,j=`jt`],height[d=2,i=`it`,j=`jt`] ))

But I'd also like to average all precipitation that are at the same height instead of plotting them grid point by grid point. So I guess I first have to regrid all precipitation on an axis that depends of the height, and then average over the height. But I don't know how to do that.


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