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Re: [ferret_users] 3 column ascii to netcdf

It sounds as if Paulo's answer will solve this for you.  I'd like to point out a couple of useful FAQ's on this and related topics,

This outlines a method like what Paulo does in his script:
Reading ASCII data representing gridded data at http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/faq/reading-ascii-data-representing-a-grid

And for data that represents time, defining a time axis:
How can I create a time axis from variables containing year, month, day, etc? at http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/faq/creating-a-time-axis-from-time-variables


On 9/16/2014 10:22 PM, Nitin Patil wrote:
Dear ferret users,

I am having a ascii file which includes 3 column (lat, lon, values of CO), Now I am trying to convert this into a netcdf to see a spatial variability.
I am able to read the ascii but while saving it is not saving in the I(lat) J(lon) format so that I can command in ferret shade CO[x=65:95,y=5:40];go land to get spatial plot.

Please find the attached script and supporting file. Kindly let me know if anyone knows.

Nitin Patil

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