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Re: [ferret_users] 4 days average

Dear Nitin,

I believe you can do this by:
1. creating a new, daily time axis covering the 60-day period of your data
2. regridding your data to the new time axis using the @ave transformation 

To create a new time axis, see "define axis" command:

To regrid your data using @ave transformation, see "regridding transformation" documentation section:

Your final command sequence must look like this:
DEFINE AXIS/t=<your daily time range>/units=days newt
LET daily_var = old_var[gt=newt@AVE]

This shall give you a daily-averaged 60-day time series (l=60) regrid of your variable.

Hope it help.

Kind regards,
Paulo Santiago

2014-09-08 5:47 GMT-03:00 Nitin Patil <nitinpatil85@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear Ferret users,

I have netcdf file contains daily data at 4 different hrs for 60 days (i.e time steps becomes l=240).

I have to mean the 4 different hrs and get the daily mean for 60 days extracted. Can anyone did this before kindly let me know.

Nitin Patil

Paulo Santiago
Ph.D. student in Meteorology
Brazilian National Institute for Space Research
Phone +55 (12) 3186 8637

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