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[ferret_users] EOF analysis of 'gappy' data with Ferret 6.8

Dear users,
i'm trying to apply eof analysis to the seasonal part of a time serie (say, winter days of a daily time serie). EOF commands do the job, but with Ferret v6.82 i can only run the eofsvd version, which does not accept 'gappy' timeseries. I've replaced the unwanted part of the data by their spatial average (ie, average over the whole area of study). Anyone has a better idea?

Gilles DELAYGUE gilles.delaygue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
University of Grenoble/LGGE
38402 St-Martin-d'Heres Cedex FRANCE
Ph +33 476 824 266    Fax +33 476 824 201
ERCA: http://erca-school.eu

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